Aesthetic Stillness

Project: Residence
Location: Zell am See, Austria
Aesthetic Stillness

Lush green trees surround this beautiful home with its view of lake Zell. The house from the 1980s is situated on the Schmittenhöhe mountain and was inspired by the Austrian alpine style. The owners were passionate about the original, raw structures of the building, in turn transforming the living area into a tranquil, airy and open space. Modern flooring and large window panes provide a calm backdrop for the paintings and antlers on the walls, while the vintage  blue-tiled stove inspired the blue-and-white colour scheme of the textiles. Earth tones, dark wood and deer leather add extra warmth, beautifully rounding off the room.

Both of the pictured armchairs are re-interpretations made by Weber out of a range of traditional, classic armchairs. In the 70s, Karl Weber senior gave the armchairs a unique look by upholstering them with locally and sustainably sourced deer leather. The robust material ages beautifully and gains character over time. To this day, Weber makes these armchairs by hand. A beech wood frame, copper springs, Afrik (a palm fibre), and fleece build the base of the chair. The base can then be upholstered using a large range of textiles or leather. The outstanding quality of these hand-crafted armchairs means they last a lifetime and can even be handed down from generation to generation. Depending on the client’s preferences, the size, level of seating comfort, and overall look can be customized. On the left, you can see a re-interpretation of the famous Chesterfield called “Lion’s Paw,” due to its unique legs. The “Aufhausen” armchair, also from the classic Weber collection, stands out with a calm blue-and-white fabric, its high backrest providing extra comfort and support.

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